System Administrator

Boss:Gary Mitnick
  • Go to the server's location
  • Kill the enemies
  • Collect the hardware
  • Lose wanted level
  • Deliver the hardware
Unlocked after:-N/A-
Unlocks:I Shot the Sheriff
Max players1 minimum - 4 maximum
System Administrator is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Gary Mitnick.
"We could use their hardware against them. Go down there, steal the hardware, and bring it back. This will be very useful in the future."
— Gary Mitnick

Mission summary

The LSPD have decided on adding an additional server host for their database, in an external location in the event that the LSPD's servers are attacked or raided. Mitnick takes hold of this information and contacts the player. The player arrives at the server's location, and has to fight their way through to gain access. The player then moves all of the hardware into a van and loses their wanted level. Once this is done, the hardware is brought to Gary.

Mission steps

  1. Go to the server's location
  2. Kill the enemies
  3. Collect the hardware
  4. Lose wanted level
  5. Deliver the hardware


  • One of the LSPD officers converses with one of the other offices, and complains how "Pisswasser just ain't like it used to be back in the break room in LC."
  • The server hardware is manufactured by Facade.