A State of Emergency (SoE) is an alert given by a faction in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked when a potential threat is discovered.

Reasons for SoE alerts

An alert may be given if Law Enforcement or a rival group has discovered their actions, particularly after a large heist or job. Alerts can also be issued if a player's notoriety has grown past the All Points Bulletin to the point where Law Enforcement has caught on and are actively investigating.

Alerts are only given when a potential threat is discovered, so as to prevent players from abusing the alert system.

Following the Alert

Following the alert, all members of the Organization or Crew are notified that a potential threat has been discovered. Once this happens, the threat is marked on the player's map, and are sent to investigate.

Threats can range from attacks on headquarters, to threats in progress, or are given when a rival team is discovered. When a rival team has been discovered, players are told to take them out at their safehouse.