Safehouses are purchasable properties in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked, which can be used to lay low, store vehicles, weapons, and more. Safehouses host various other activities as well.


Safehouses can be purchased right at the start of creating your character. Safehouses range from Apartments, to Homes, Garages, and Mansions. They can be used to lay low after a bounty has been put on the player, or after they have been put on the All Points Bulletin.

Players are able to store vehicles, lay low after a heist, watch T.V, shower, sleep, drink, among various other things as well. A weapons cache can be added to a safehouse, allowing the player to store weapons that are no longer needed, as well as possessions.


Upgrades are available for Safehouses. Players can also customize the interiors and exteriors of their properties. These upgrades can be purchased from via the in-game internet.

A list of the available upgrades are:

  • Pool Table
  • Dart Board
  • Weapons Cache
  • Rugs and Carpeting
  • Wallpapers and Colors
  • Furniture


Properties come in various classes - Garages, ranging from $10k - $50k+, Apartments, ranging from $5k - $500k, Houses, ranging from $25k - $600k, and Mansions, ranging from $750k to $4,000,000.