Rick Chance's last chance

Boss:Richard Jenkins
  • Arrive at the convoy
  • Kill the enemies
  • Destroy the drugs
Unlocked after:N/A
Unlocks:To swerve and protect
Max players:1 minimum - 4 maximum
Rick Chance's last chance is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Richard Jenkins.
"We've discovered a convoy of drugs that are being delivered to North Yankton. Stop them from making the delivery."
— Richard Jenkins

Mission summary

Richard Jenkins tasks the player with taking out a convoy of drugs being sent to North Yankton.

Mission steps

  1. Arrive at the convoy
  2. Kill the enemies
  3. Destroy the drugs


  • This is the first mission to reference North Yankton.
  • This is the first mission tasked to the player as a member of Law Enforcement.
  • The mission's title is a play on words, using Rick's last name.