Pushing low and high

Boss:Lamar Davis
  • Go to the drug operation
  • Kill the Vagos
  • Get in the Velum
  • Lose wanted level
  • Deliver the Velum to McKinzie Airfield
Unlocked after:-N/A-
Unlocks:'91 style
Max players:1 minimum - 2 maximum
Pushing low and high is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Lamar Davis.
"Ey dog, some vagos are moving some yayo down near Del Perro Pier in a plane. Prove urself by takin them out and dropping the plane off at the McKinzie airfield."
— Lamar Davis

Mission summary

The Vagos are moving drugs through a plane near Del Perro Pier. The player must go their setup location, kill everyone there and take the plane to McKinzie airfield.

Mission steps

  1. Go to the drug operation
  2. Kill the Vagos
  3. Get in the Velum
  4. Lose wanted level
  5. Deliver the Velum to McKinzie Airfield