Heist setup
Military Hardware
  • Intercept the convoy
  • Steal the Barracks
  • Lose wanted level
  • Drop off the Barracks
Unlocked after:Fleeca Heist
Unlocks:Juggernaut armor during the Paleto Job
Max players:1 minimum - 2 maximum
"The Blaine County Savings Bank will have a lot of money. That much money being stolen will definitely put a big target on your head. I've located a shipment of heavy armor that should protect you during the job. Intercept the military convoy, steal the gear, and pull off the score when you're ready."
— Gary Mitnick

Paleto Job - Military Hardware is one of two optional setup missions for the Paleto Job in the Heists content update.

Setup summary

The player(s) intercept a military convoy and steal some heavy armor.

Mission steps

  1. Intercept the convoy
  2. Steal the Barracks
  3. Lose wanted level
  4. Drop off the Barracks at Gary's lockup


  • The military uses advanced rifles, so they can deal a good bit of damage to vulnerable players.