Heist setup
Pacific Standard Job - Hack
  • Arrive at the rival heist crew's hideout
  • Take out the rival heist crew
  • Steal the hacking equipment
  • Deliver the equipment to Gary
Unlocked after:Paleto Job
Unlocks:Ability to hack the Pacific Standard vault
Max players:1 minimum/4 maximum
"In case you haven't noticed, I like professionalism. Planning beforehand is one of them. I want you to get some hacking equipment from a rival gang of goons. Take it to my place afterwards."
— Gary Mitnick

Pacific Standard Job - Hack is one of three optional setup missions for the Pacific Standard Job in the Heists content update.

Setup summary

The player(s) head to the rival heist gang's hideout and steal their hacking equipment.

Mission steps

  1. Arrive at targeted rival heist crew's hideout
  2. Take out the rival heist crew
  3. Steal the hacking equipment
  4. Deliver the equipment to Gary