Heist setup
Pacific Standard Job - Convoy
  • Arrive at the the Merryweather convoy
  • Take out the guards
  • Steal the truck
  • Lose Merryweather
  • Deliver the truck to Gary
Unlocked after:Paleto Job
Unlocks:Ability to break into staff room and vault entrance using thermal charges
Max players:1 minimum/4 maximum
"If we're going to do this the right way, we need thermal charges. There's a Merryweather convoy carrying some in Blaine County. Find it and steal the thermal charges, then take it to me."
— Gary Mitnick

Pacific Standard Job - Convoy is one of three optional setup missions for the Pacific Standard Job in the Heists content update.

Setup summary

The player(s) head to the rival heist gang's hideout and steal their hacking equipment.

Mission steps

  1. Arrive at targeted the Merryweather convoy
  2. Take out the guards
  3. Steal the truck
  4. Lose Merryweather
  5. Deliver the truck to Gary