Pacific Standard Job
  • Arrive at the bank
  • Go inside
    • (CC) Control the crowd
    • (MT) Break open the vault
      • (MT) Hack if possible
  • (MT) Drill the vault
  • (MT) Steal the cash
  • (CC) Hold off the cops
  • Lose wanted level
Take:$3,000,000 possible
Unlocked after:Paleto Job
Max players:2 minimum - 4 maximum
"The heist in Paleto did us good. But, like they say, reach higher. Pacific Standard Vinewood. This bank has lots of security and lots of surveillance. Get it done."
— Gary Mitnick

Pacific Standard Job is the third heist and last in the Heists content update.


Players are assigned to rob the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank and assign roles. Once they arrive, the two teams perform their tasks, take the cash and leave as fast as possible.



If players have completed the setup missions Hack, Convoy and/or Bikes they can hack into the network to open the vault, utilize thermal charges, and/or use bikes for the getaway.


There are two teams for this Heist. Crowd Control (CC) and Money Team (MT). Crowd Control will control the hostages to make sure they don't make any dumb moves while Money Team will break into the vault (or hack it) and get the cash.

Heist crew using heavy gear while escaping the police


The potential take for the heist is $3,000,000. The leader must decide the cut for each player before executing the Heist via the Planning Board.

Heist steps

  • Arrive at Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank
  • Go inside
    • (CC) Take out the security guards and control the crowd
    • (MT) Break into the staff room
      • (MT) Break into the vault room
      • (MT) Drill the vault and steal the cash
  • (CC) Hold off the cops
  • Lose your wanted level

All Points Bulletin

All players who participated in the Heist must stay low for 48 in game hours due to the All Points Bulletin that is placed on them.


  • Avoid getting shot especially if you're the player carrying the cash. Any time you get shot a bit of the take is lost.
  • If the setup mission Pacific Standard Job - Bikes has been completed, take care when driving the bikes, and stick together; going alone or a different path without your teammates will prove challenging and will increase the chance of money being lost.
  • Using the bikes isn't necessary as you can take any vehicle and escape. The Armored Kuruma works best.

    Players in Bugstar uniforms

  • This is the only heist where players can dress in Bugstar uniforms.