Multiplayer Protagonist
Appearance(s):Grand Theft Auto UnLocked
Also known as:-player username-
Date of Birth:Determinant
Place of birth:Determinant
Main affiliation:


The Multiplayer Protagonist is the central character in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked. They are the player-created character and have no definite appearance.

Background story

Not much is known about the Multiplayer Protagonist besides the fact that they are very dangerous. The background story is up to the player.

Life during UnLocked

The Multiplayer Protagonist's life during UnLocked is entirely up to the player. They could perform odd jobs for various businesses around the cities, pull off a Heist, join the police force, etc.


The Multiplayer Protagonist is heavily customizable. The player can choose each piece of their outfit, shape of their face, eye color, and more. The Multiplayer Protagonist utilizes the Grand Theft Auto Online character's models in order to have a fully customizable protagonist.

Players can also choose NPC asking and purchase rare ones. While playing as the NPC skin, their unique character creation will remain untouched and the players can switch between them freely in their apartment.


  • -TO BE DONE-