Mile High Jack

Boss:Martin Madrazo
  • Go to the top of the highrise
  • Kill the Professionals
  • Steal the documents
  • Deliver the documents to Martin
Unlocked after:Show & Tell
Max players:1 minimum - 4 maximum
Mile High Jack is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Martin Madrazo.
"You're not afraid of heights, yes? Good. More information has been found on me, and a group of professionals are selling it to someone on the highrise under construction. You know what to do."
— Martin Madrazo

Mission summary

Martin hires the player to steal back important documents against him on a highrise under construction.

Mission steps

  1. Go to the top of thehighrise
  2. Kill the Professionals
  3. Steal the documents
  4. Deliver the documents to Martin


  • The term "Mile High Jack" is a reference to "Mile High Club" which means having sexual intercourse on a plane.