Legitimate Business

Boss:Gary Mitnick
  • Take out the Investors
  • Lose your wanted level
Unlocked after:I Shot the Sheriff
Unlocks:-insert next mission-
Max players:2 minimum - 4 maximum
Legitimate Business is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Gary Mitnick.
"You know the Fleeca franchise of banks, correct? Good. Well, their investors haven't been the happiest these days. I want you to take out key investors to the franchise. They're all in LS. Take them out, and Fleeca will have a rough time. You may need some help."
— Gary Mitnick

Mission summary

Key investors to the Fleeca franchise are holding up certain....operations. Gary has tracked them down and has uploaded their locations to your HUD. Take them out.

Mission steps

  1. Take out the Investors
  2. Lose your wanted level


  • This is the first mission in UnLocked which requires two people.