"Golf I tell you !"
— Martin Madrazo

Jobs are cooperative missions (not to be confused with Heists) in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked that earn players money. Some missions are more difficult and complicated than others.

Los Santos / Blaine County


Lamar Davis

  • Pushing low and high - Lamar has you steal a plane loaded with drugs from the Vagos.
  • '91 style - Do Lamar's dirty work in a green voodoo. Perform drivebys on various gang hotspots.
  • Benny's best bet - Lamar has you transport multiple lowriders that are carrying large amounts of drugs on Benny's behalf.
  • Price per canister- Steal some oil for Lamar.
  • Straight Hustla - Lamar finds out about a new safehouse the Vagos are using. Clear everyone out and steal any gang vehicles there.

Martin Madrazo

  • Right to Remain Silent - Someone is threatening Martin's personal affairs. Locate him and follow him to his lawyer team.
  • Show & Tell - Someone has found key information against Martin. Take him out while he's being interrogated by police.
  • Mile High Jack - More important documents are being sold against Martin. Steal them back whilst the deal takes place.

Gary Mitnick (Added in Heists update)

  • System Administrator - More than just 4 cores. Gary wants you to steal some new LSPD server hardware.
  • I Shot the Sheriff - A new sheriff for the LSPD wants to cut internet access in Davis. Take out him out and his posse.
  • Legitimate Business - A group of key Fleeca investors are holding things back. Take them out. You'll need help.

Law Enforcement

Chief of Police - Richard Jenkins

Karen Daniels

  • Do not hesitate - Take out some corrupt FIB members.
  • I like things clean - Clean up precinct by taking out some corrupt FIB members.
  • The fun fair - Some crooks dressed as clowns are attempting to deal drugs to kids. Kill them and take their van for evidence.

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