Heist setup
  • Arrive at Up-N-Atom
  • Steal the Armored Kuruma
  • Lose the professionals
  • Drop off the Armored Kuruma
Unlocked after:Heist tutorial missions
Unlocks:Safe getaway car for the Fleeca Heist
Max players:1 minimum/maximum
"If you want to guaranteed escape during the job then you'll want to get a proper getaway vehicle. Lucky for you, there is an Armored Kuruma stashed in the drive-thru of the Up-N-Atom on Vinewood Blvd. Steal the car, don't get killed and bring the car to the Port of Los Santos."
— Gary Mitnick

Fleeca Heist - Kuruma is one of two optional setup missions for the Fleeca Heist in the Heists content update.

Setup summary

The player steals an Armored Kuruma from a rival heist crew and brings it to the drop off point in the Port of Los Santos.

Mission steps

  1. Arrive at Up-N-Atom
  2. Steal the Armored Kuruma
  3. Lose the professionals
  4. Drop off the Armored Kuruma to the Port of Los Santos


  • The professionals will chase the player(s) with black Turismos.