Factions are groups that players can join in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked. Factions can range from criminal organizations, smaller teams, law enforcement, and more.


Factions have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the faction(s) joined. There may be roles that will have to be fulfilled at specific times, such as if a faction issues a State of Emergency alert, which alerts all factions about a threat.

There are three main brackets: Law Enforcement, Criminal Organizations, and Crews.

Law Enforcement

Players are able to join Law Enforcement, which include the LSPD, FIB, and N.O.O.S.E. Law Enforcement responds to crimes in progress, as well as robberies, heists, and other various criminal acts.

Criminal Organizations

Criminal Organizations are very large and can contain upwards of hundreds (or thousands) of members. Due to the size of these organizations, players may receive requests to perform jobs often, as well as the possibility of a State of Emergency alert, which warns all members of a potential threat, such as the Law Enforcement.


Crews are much smaller than Criminal Organizations, but are more dedicated and their ease of management may attract some players. Crews specialize in Heists, as well as Jobs.

Crews can be created at will, and any player can be invited. The crew leader is able to manage every aspect of the crew: their emblem, choice of clothing colors, weapon tints, and more. Crew leaders are able to add a rank system if they wish. Crew members are able to rank up in the crew if certain tasks are completed, and crew memebers earn Crew RP when completing a job or heist.

Crews also have the State of Emergency alert system, which alerts all crew members of a potential threat.

State of Emergency (SoE)

A State of Emergency (SoE) alert is given when a potential threat is discovered. They can range from Law Enforcement, to rival crews or teams. When this alert is issued, all members are recommended to report to the Headquarters of the crew/organization. From there, the members are told to keep a close eye out and to watch the headquarters.

A State of Emergency occurs after a large heist or job is pulled off. If the players' notoriety is large enough to pass the All Points Bulletin, Law Enforcement may eventually find their safehouse and will be asked to neutralize the threat.