Do not hesitate

Boss:Karen Daniels
  • Arrive at the sheriff's speech
  • Get in position
  • Kill the sheriff
  • Escape and lose wanted level
Unlocked after:N/A
Unlocks:I like things clean
Max players:1 minimum - 4 maximum
Do not hesitate is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Karen Daniels.
"You know there are two sides to being corrupt, right? Good and bad. Well, there's some bad corrupt FIB agents, and the fact they're FIB is even worse. Take them out."
— Karen Daniels

Mission summary

The IAA have discovered some corrupt FIB agents, but the bad king of corrupt. Clear them out.

Mission steps

  1. Arrive at the corrupt agents' meeting
  2. Kill the agents
  3. Leave the area


  • This is the first mission given to the player by Karen Daniels.