Diversions (also called side activities) are miscellaneous activities that players can partake in.

Criminal activities

Drug dealing

Players can grow, buy, sell, use and create drugs. Drugs become a valuable asset, with the most common drugs being the cheapest and the rarest being the most expensive. This diversion is useful due to the increased damage and enhanced abilities it offers, albeit for a short period of time.



Player being killed by a Hitman

Players can have a bounty placed on them, or place bounties on other players. Only players are active in this diversion can claim bounties.


Players can rob various locations around the map. This includes gas stations, crew property, and Heists.

Law Enforcement


Essentially the same thing as the Hitman diversion, only criminals are shown.

All Points Bulletin

Players who have committed heinous crimes are marked for a period of time to be taken down by Law Enforcement. An APB is placed on players who attain a certain amount of PVP kills in an amount of time, who attain a five star wanted level, or finish a Heist.


Players patrol the map in police vehicles, being called to both AI and player crimes. Each crime stopped results in a varied payout.