Crews are a possible umbrella-faction in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked.

Creating a Crew

Players are able to create a crew instantly, and are able to invite other players. The name, crew tag, blip icon, and optional ranking system can be added. Once this is done, the player is allowed to create the crew.


Crews can be managed easily, since the typical count is lower than Criminal Organizations. Ranking systems may be added in order to promote activity within the crew and leadership. Crew members also have privileges, which can be customized to the crew leader's liking.

Privileges can be crew-rank based, rank-based, or promotion-based. Crew leaders are able to promote crew members at any time.

State of Emergency (SoE)

Crews are given the State of Emergency alert system, which activates when a potential threat is discovered. Members are asked to return to the crew's headquarters and to defend it and keep a close eye out for threats.