Benny's best bet

Boss:Lamar Davis
  • Get in a lowrider
  • Drive to the destination
  • Take out any attackers
  • Drop off the lowrider
Unlocked after:'91 style
Unlocks:Price per canister
Max players:1 minimum - 4 maximum
Benny's best bet is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Lamar Davis.
"A very close business partner of mine needs sum uh... Professional protection. My boy has filled some lowriders with that stuff u stole from the vagos. Bing them 2 me and u will get sum stacks."
— Lamar Davis

Mission summary

Lamar wants the player to move four lowriders that are filled with drugs. Once the vehicles are moving, the Vagos will attempt to ambush the player.

Mission steps

  1. Get in a lowrider
  2. Drive to the destination
  3. Take out any attackers
  4. Drop off the lowrider


  • The drugs in this mission are the some ones stolen during Pushing low and high.
  • There are four lowriders total.