Bad Sports are a player classification within Grand Theft Auto UnLocked for people that do not follow the rules of the server.


Instead of instantly banning a player for disobeying the rules, players are classified as "Bad Sports" to alert other players of their presence. At first, being a bad sport will only make you a bright red colored dot on the map. Eventually your Bad Sport timer will be over and you will resume to be considered a normal player. If a bad sport continues to break the rules, they will be sent to Prison. If rehabilitation does not change their ways, they will be banned from the server.

Bad Sport worthy offenses

  • Griefing
  • Using exploits rather than reporting them
  • Disrespecting administration

PvP functionality

If a normal player kills a Bad Sport, they are rewarded with a small sum of cash ($100 - $500).

Rewards for not being Bad Sport

If you do not break the rules, you will be rewarded $2000 annually every 4 ingame days.