An All Points Bulletin (APB) is a unique bounty system that is exclusive for players who are part of the Law Enforcement faction. When an APB is set on a player, all players from the Law Enforcement faction are notified of the player.


What assigns an APB

An APB is set on a player when they pull off large amounts of crime in a set amount of time or complete extremely difficult crimes, such as a Heist. Once an APB is set on a player, it will be on the player for 24 hours, (in-game) time.

How they work

Once an APB is assigned on a player, all Law Enforcment members are notified of the player, such as username/appearance/crime committed/price on their head. Once a player is captured or killed, the player who killed the targeted player is awarded the cash reward.


The price on a player's head is randomized and range from $20k - $50k for death. $50k to $75k for arrest. If the targeted player survives their APB they are rewarded the money that was on their head.