'91 style

Boss:Lamar Davis
  • Get in the Moonbeam
  • Kill the Vagos
  • Kill the Ballas
  • Ambush the Vagos and Ballas
  • Lose your wanted level
Unlocked after:Pushing low and high
Unlocks:Benny's best bet
Max players:1 minimum - 4 maximum
'91 style is a mission in Grand Theft Auto UnLocked given to the player by Lamar Davis.
"We're out here gang bangin like it's '91, u feel me? We gonna roll on some ball-sack ass niggas and yellows at one time! Get the ride I left 4 u in Cypress Flats and take out the niggas I marked on ur radar. Driveby they ass!"
— Lamar Davis

Mission summary

Lamar hires the player to pull drivebys on various gang set ups around Strawberry.

Mission steps

  1. Get in the Moonbeam
  2. Kill the Vagos
  3. Kill the Ballas
  4. Ambush the Vagos and Ballas
  5. Lose your wanted level


  • The term "ball-sack ass niggas" was a term used for ballas in San Andreas.